AJW Technique renews DGCA Indonesia Type Certificate Approval


AJW Technique has been granted renewal of its DGCA Type Certificate Approval by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Indonesia, further underpinning AJW Technique’s commitment to regional compliance and maintaining its reputation for quality. The facility holds several global approvals: ANAC (Brazil), DGCA (Indonesia) and DCA (Thailand) complement FAA (US), EASA (Europe) and TCCA (Canada); and CAAC (China) – in progress.

“At AJW the focus is always on delivering the best service we can across the global aviation marketplace,” commented Gavin Simmonds, General Manager – AJW Technique. “We now have a team of more than 200 dedicated repair technicians and support staff. Sustaining Approved Maintenance Organisation certification in South East Asia demonstrates that our capabilities across core technical skills are recognised worldwide. South East Asia remains one of the most significant growth centres for both business and commercial aviation across the industry. AJW Technique’s focus on product specific maintenance programmes developed to drive down total cost of aircraft ownership are well placed in such a commercially competitive environment. The organisation’s repair and overhaul capabilities are a direct match to a large proportion of both the current and already ordered regional fleets on Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and Bombardier platforms.”

From coffee makers to flight data recorders, IDGs and fuel controls, AJW Technique is on a mission to streamline repairs for operators worldwide.

“Repairing 20,000 units a year is equivalent to supporting a fleet of 600 aircraft and more than 4,500 part numbers are now on the AJW Technique capabilities list which currently crosses five platforms: A320 family, A330/340, B737NG, B767, B777. We expect to add Bombardier and Embraer in the near future” Simmonds adds.

“Right from the start our focus has been on reducing direct maintenance costs and we do this by engineering-in quality repairs from the outset. If it carries an AJW Technique tag we do not want to see it back in our workshop before it’s due, in fact we do our utmost to design new repair procedures that maximise time on wing. A key differentiator for us is that we can underwrite our repair management guarantees via unique access to AJW Aviation’s extensive component inventories valued at almost $500 million.”

Source / Author: AJW Technique