Rockwell Collins rolls out major upgrades to ARINC AirVue™ Flight Information Display


A series of new enhancements to Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AirVue Flight Information Display System (FIDS) will make it easier for airports to improve operations, keep passengers moving and create additional revenue opportunities.

The latest version of ARINC AirVue delivers the following advanced capabilities for airports:

-New content management capabilities to enhance advertising revenue streams
-A fully integrated dashboard that provides visual indicators to monitor airport operations
-A power management application that saves money by enabling monitors to go to sleep when not in use
-A “journey time” feature that estimates travel times for passengers.

“ARINC AirVue FIDS advanced content management capabilities are fully integrated with a real-time reporting engine that provides specific details regarding placement, schedule and frequency to advertisers,” said Christopher Forrest, vice president, Global Airports for Rockwell Collins. “Airports can use ARINC AirVue to customize content across the airport—or by location—to maximize advertising revenue.”

“ARINC AirVue FIDS enhances the passenger experience by providing information like what restaurants are available, where the duty free shops are located or how long it will take to get to a gate,” continued Forrest.

The ARINC AirVue suite of flight display systems offers a dynamic portfolio of digital display solutions for every size airport including everything from digital signage and interactive displays to full wall flight information displays.

Source / Author: Rockwell Collins

Photo: Rockwell Collins