Rockot Orbits Three Russian Satellites Successfully


Following an early morning launch from Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Northern Russia at 01.00 hrs. a.m. local time on Thursday, September 24, 2015 (23.00 hrs. CET on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 ) a Rockot launch vehicle successfully launched 3 Russian satellites for the Russian government. The satellites comprised 3 Rodnik communication spacecraft. This launch marks the 12th successful mission of the Rockot launcher for the Russian government. Next to these federal launches for the Russian government, Eurockot Launch Services GmbH of Bremen, Germany, also operates Rockot for commercial and institutional launches and will shortly perform its 12th mission when Sentinel-3A will be launched for the European Space Agency and the European Commission as part of the Copernicus Satellite Programme funded by both entities.

Source / Author: EUROCOKT