LTLGS UK overhauls the 25th landing gear set of Boeing 777-300ER

LTLGS 25th B777 LDG

Lufthansa Technik Landing Gear Services UK (LTLGS) has overhauled the 25th Landing Gear set of the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft type. This important milestone in overhaul operations of the latest Boeing 777 product introduction, reached at LTLGS facility in Hayes, near London, United Kingdom, makes LTLGS the most experienced overhaul provider of this Landing Gear type.

Landing gear overhauls become due every ten years on each aircraft in accordance with the maintenance program. As for the end of 2015, there will be 34 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft in operations which are ten years old or older and which are scheduled to receive a complete landing gear overhaul. 25 Landing Gear shipsets overhauled by LTLGS for leading European, Middle Eastern and Japanese operators, account approximately 70% of the total world-wide overhaul market share of this type of landing gear.

LTLGS was the first in the market to overhaul Boeing 777-300ER landing gears. The experience gained allows LTLGS to predict accurate TAT, which is backed by the actual data received from already overhauled shipsets. Being the first in the market, LTLGS went through the learning curve and has established very stable overhaul process for the landing gears of the most popular Boeing 777 aircraft type.

„Our customers are expecting the most robust MRO solutions, maintaining the highest level of reliability and quality operations. The successful experience on previous Boeing 777-300ER programs, gives us a very high level of confidence in our capability to achieve performance criteria set by our customers. These facts are also a perfect foundation to support future demand and continues business developments, especially when the latest generation aircraft, are yet to come to Landing Gear Overhaul Market” – says LTLGS Managing Director Sandra Eckstein.

LTLGS has a capability to overhaul all modern Boeing aircraft landing gears and has supported Boeing 777s from the very beginning of market introduction, gaining a wealth of technical experience and extensive repair capabilities for Boeing 777s landing Gears. Since 2003 to date, LTLGS have performed over 200 Boeing 777 Landing gear ship sets overhauls in total of all variants and weight configuration.

Source / Author: Lufthansa Technik

Photo: Lufthansa Technik