SAF: Open day at the airport „Batajnica”


With the jump of seven parachuters of the SAF Special Brigade from the MI-8 helicopter, from the height of 1,200 meters, the event „Open Day of the 204th Air Brigade” began at the military airport in Batajnica. In the sky above the military airport flags of Serbia and the Armed Forces soon began to flutter, which was greeted with the applause of the gathered citizens.

This event, which has been organized for the past several years in a row, is an opportunity for the citizens and the general public to learn about weaponry and military equipment used by the Serbian Armed Forces and about the tasks and missions assigned to the 204th Air Brigade. Fans of aviation and air defence were able to see a part of the equipment and weaponry that the the 250th missile brigade and 126th VOJIN brigade use at Batajnica airport.

Along with the traditionally large interest of citizens, the open day of the 204th Air Brigade was attended by Brigadier General Dusko Zarkovic, Deputy Commander of Air Force and Air Defence with associates, numerous mayors and representatives of civil organizations.

Today’s event was a real little feast for the eyes, on the ground and in the sky, because the visitors at the airport „Batajnica” could see aircraft MIG 29, MIG 21, the Super Galeb G4, Lasta V 54 from the Technical Test Centre, Utva and MI17 helicopters, MI8 and Gazela and Game, as well as the missile system NEVA and equipment used for surveillance of the air space of the Republic of Serbia and the navigation of aircraft.

However, the main feature of the „Open Day” was the flying program of aircraft, and planes and helicopters thundered today across the Batajnica sky.

Pilots of the 252nd school training squadron in Super Galeb G4 showed what the support for Army units and the action on facilities on the round look like. Above them, in the sky, MIG 21 aircraft provided fighter protection. Pilots of MIG 29 aircraft carefully watched and protected the action of Super Galeb G4, whose foray on the ground was followed by a targeted simulated detonation. Pilots of Super Galeb left the audience breathless with their graceful virtuosity.

After that, the visitors were able to see the search and rescue action of downed pilots in the field. A downed pilot was noticed and located by the flight crew of Utva 75, which then sent coordinates with special signals to a combat search and rescue team. The Special Brigade team used MI8 helicopter and performed the evacuation of the pilot. Accompanied by the transport helicopter MI8, Gama helicopter was armed and ready to provide him with adequate protection.

Near the end of the flight program, pilot Major Dejan Beda, Commander of the 101st fighter squadron performed interception and forced An 26 aircraft to land, and the audience was able to see the flypast of Super Galeb G4 T – aircraft with an extracted target that showed the possibilities for control training and shooting exercises from the ground and from the air.

In the end, the audience saw the crew of MI8 helicopter which simulated fire fighting from the air carrying a bucket with two tons of water.

As in previous years, numerous visitors, most of whom were children, viewed the exposed planes at the airport, and the youngest fans of aircraft, owing to the members of the 204th Brigade, were able to enter the cockpit of military aircraft and take pictures with the airmen.

Source / Author: SAF
Photo: SAF