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The pilot Jean-Marie Saget hits the 20,000 flight-hour mark


At the age of 86, the former Dassault Aviation test pilot Jean-Marie Saget celebrated 20,000 flight hours in April 2015.

After winning the Paris-Cannes race in an Ouragan (1954), Jean-Marie Saget was recruited by Marcel Dasault himself as a test pilot for Dassault Aviation. He remained there for nearly four decades before stepping down as a test pilot at the age of 60.

On April 18, 2015, he crossed the threshold of 20,000 flight hours (including roughly 7,000 hours as an instructor), a spectacular achievement for this enthusiast who doesn’t intend to stop there.

Source / Author: Dassault Aviation

Photo: Dassault Aviation

Autor: Redakcja Świat

Redakcja Świat