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Paris Air Show exposition (Le Bourget Air Show) held every two years, will be opened in Paris soon and will present developments in the fields of aviation and security. The IAF will take part in it with other Israeli companies. One of the developments of the Israeli „Elbit Systems” is „smart helmets” of helicopter pilots, a need that rose lately in the IAF.

Today, helicopter pilots fly without „smart helmet” even in severe weather and dark nights, making it difficult to carry out the mission. The new helmets will allow the pilots to get a clear view of the path, regardless of the conditions outside.

„At night, helicopter pilots usually use a system that enhances the light projected from the stars and the moon. This is why in some of the nights we can fly low altitude tactic flights”, said Major (Res.) M, former IAF helicopter pilot who engages in marketing and business development at „Elbit Systems”. „The helmets generate a picture using thermal sensors and advanced cameras and enable us to fly a larger number of nights a year. The helmets screen a relevant picture and warn the pilot of dangers using flashes”.

„Elisra” company will also present its new „Air-Keeper” system, combining EW (electronic warfare) and intelligence gathering capabilities. The system presents, for the first time, a combination of WA platforms and enables a multi-mission activity. „It is an advanced and unique solution which is already used for operational needs these days”, said Irmin Mansher, VP of Marketing and Business Development in „Elisra”. „The reactive system activates the relevant electronic means to the deal with the threats it faces. It suits itself to the modern battlefield where the target visibility time is short”.

Tight Relationship with the Israeli Industries
„Elbit Systems” and the IAF work in close relationship. The company generates operational systems, supporting systems such as simulators and administrative systems to the IDF and the IAF in particular.

The Special relationship between the company and the IAF stems from the fact that many of the company workers served in the IAF and hold wide professional knowledge in the field of aviation and the needs of the IAF. „Most of us are former IAF officers and soldiers who understand the needs coming from the field”, says Major (Res.) M. „The problems I dealt with when I was flying, are the same problems current pilots deal with today”.

Among the platforms developed by the company are the UAVs „Hermes 450” and „Hermes 900”. In addition, the company manufactured most of IAF’s simulators.

Source: IAF

Author: Talya Yariv & Shachar Zorani

Photo: IAF /Hagar Amibar

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