PR Indra to modernize three air control centers in Argentina


Indra will implement its air traffic management systems in the Area Control Centers (ACC) and Approach Control Center of three international airports in Argentina: Gobernador Francisco Gabrielli, in Mendoza; José de San Martín, in Resistencia; and General Enrique Mosconi, in Comodoro Rivadavia.

We won the contract through a process managed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). This is a very demanding project due to its execution timeframes with the goal of launching the operations of the 3 centers almost simultaneously.

The Indra automated air traffic management systems will support the activity of controllers and allow the control centers and airports to manage a higher number of flights, guaranteeing higher security levels.

Indra, overseen by Chairman Fernando Abril-Martorell, is one of the leading multinational consulting and technology firms in Europe and Latin America, and it is currently expanding in other emerging economy regions. Innovation represents the cornerstone of its highly client-oriented business and sustainability. In the last three years it has spent €583 million on R&D&i, making it one of the biggest European investors in its sector. With nearly €3 billion in revenues, it has 43,000 employees and customers in over 148 countries.

Source / Author: Indra