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IAF: New Data Tracking System for UAVs

A new tracking system for „Heron 1” and „Hermes 450” UAV models is entering final developing stages.
The advanced system is capable of extracting a broad range of data such as flight speed and altitude, weather conditions, flight path, methods of operation and mission cancellation.

The main new feature of the system is its ability to analyze data gathered from a series of flights, rather than individual flights. The massive amount of data will allow the IAF a high standard tracking of the UAVs’ activity and maintenance condition.

By deciphering a series of flights, the system can point out processes and causes affecting the performances of the vehicles.
„The system will allow us to examine malfunctions and safety violations based on data collected over time and not of a specific event”, says Captain Chen Chasdai from the flight control department, leader of the project. „We will be able to understand the malfunctions better and maybe even prevent them from happening”.


Source: AIF
Author: Nadav Berger | Translation: Eden Sharon
Photo: IAF

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Redakcja Świat