Indonesian Army receives the first of 12 Airbus Helicopters light attack Ecureuil/Fennec family rotorcraft

The Indonesian Army has taken delivery of an Airbus Helicopters lightweight rotorcraft, the first in a fleet of 12 which will provide this military service with advanced capabilities in attack missions. Comprising six single-engine and six twin-engine versions, the helicopters are to be supplied through 2016.

These 12 rotorcraft from the Ecureuil/Fennec family will constitute an Indonesian Army light attack squadron. Based on Airbus Helicopters’ strategic industrial agreement with PT Dirgantara Indonesia, the mission equipment for the fleet – including machine guns and rocket launchers – will be installed by PT Dirgantara Indonesia at its in-country facilities in Bandung.
“These deliveries are aligned with our responsibilities from the Indonesian government to develop defense systems locally to augment the country’s defense capabilities,” said PT Dirgantara Indonesia President Budi Santoso.

The Fennec helicopter – being the militarized version of Airbus Helicopters’ renowned Ecureuil rotorcraft family – has been performing combat, combat support, tracking, escort and training duties around the world, including Asia. This series of adaptable single- and twin-engine helicopters combines powerful light attack capabilities with highly cost-effective airframe and mission system solutions.

“Indonesia’s acquisition of the Fennec demonstrates this helicopter family’s suitability for operations in a full range of conditions, providing a highly maneuverable and agile platform with low detectability,” said Philippe Monteux, Head of Region South East Asia & Pacific at Airbus Helicopters.

The Indonesian Army’s Fennec acquisition follows the Indonesian Air Force’s purchase of six EC725s in 2012. In the region, the Royal Thai Army also ordered a fleet of eight Fennecs for scouting missions in 2011.

PT Dirgantara Indonesia has a long-standing partnership with Airbus Helicopters for close to 40 years. It is the prime contractor for the Indonesian government in providing end-to-end services from helicopter sales, customization and completion to delivery and after-sales support on the full range of Airbus Helicopters rotorcraft. PT Dirgantara Indonesia is also part of Airbus Helicopters’ supply chain, manufacturing the EC225 and EC725 tail booms and airframe assemblies for the worldwide market.


Source / Author: Airbus Helicopters

Photo:Hilkianus Silitonga