Today in aviation history

Today in aviation history – 28th October

On 28th October 1916 in aerial collision died German fighter ace, captain Oswald Bölcke. In over a year in fighter aviation Bölcke downed 40 hostile aircrafts. He is said to be one of the ‘fathers’ of German fighter aviation (mainly because of developing 7 rules of aerial fight).
On 28th October 1969 in Paris died observing colonel engineer Stanislaw Kuźmiński. During World War I he served in Russian aviation. He got to Poland with Haller’s Army. During Polish-Bolshevick war he served in No. 4 and 10 reconnaissance squadrons. In the Second Polish Republic he was a director of science in Officer School for Aviation Observers, deputy commander of No.1 wing, commander No.4 wing and commanding officer of Aviation Highschool. He graduated from military studies in Poland and France. During the Polish Campaign in 1939 he commanded aviation of Army Poznań. During the Battle of the Bzura he was hurt and was taken prison by Germans.

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