Today in aviation history – 25th October

On 25th October 1903 was born captain Edmund Rój. He graduated from Air Force Academy in Dęblin. He was promoted on observing sublieutenant on 15th August 1933. He was assigned to No. 1 wing in Warsaw. In 1938 he was navigational instructor in No. 213 squadron Łoś, and till 1939 he was a navigational officer in No. 221 bombing squadron. In 1939 he was arrested by NKVD and sent to gulag for 10 years. He died from hunger and exhaustion in 1942 in camp in Kargopol.
On 25th October 1944 during the battle in Gulf of Leyte Japanese kamikaze pilots sank American aircraft carrier USS St. Lo. It was the first bigger warship sank by kamikaze pilots. USS St. Lo could carry 28 aircrafts.