Today in aviation history – 24th October

On 24th October 1901 in Lublin was born Zygmunt Puławski, Polish pilot, engineer, aerial constructor. Since 1927 Puławski worked as a main constructor in Central Aviation Workshops in Warsaw. He constructed fighters such as PZL P.1, PZL P.6, PZL P.7, PZL P.10. He died in March 1931 in plane crash of his own construction – PZL P.12.
On 24th October 1940 Regia Aeronautica conducted first raid on the British Isles. In the raid there were used 18 bombers Fiat BR.20. The aircraft could fly with the maximum speed of 440 km/h and could carry up to 1600 kg of bombs. The weaponry consisted of 3 machine guns. In Italian air force aircrafts Fiat BR. 20 were in service since 1936 until 1943.