Today in aviation history – 22nd October

On 22nd October 1797 a French parachute jumper and air balloon pilot André-Jacques Garnerin jumped with parachute he designed himself from height of 700 meters. Garnerin was the first person who managed to do such a thing.
On 22nd October 1914 was born corporal Marian Wasiak. After basic national service on No. 5 wing in Lida and completing school of piloting, he was assigned to line division. He took part in the September Campaign as a pilot of No. 55 independent bombing squadron that fought as a part of Bomber Brigade. On 10th September 1939 he took off of an airport in Marynin in PZL P-23B Karaś with captain J.L. Skibiński and B. Biały and flew to Marianowo. Because of faulty piloting the plane crashed during landing. The whole crew died. They were buried in cementary in Wojcieszków near Łukowo.