Today in aviation history – 21st October

On 21st October 1907 was born Ludwik Witold Paszkiewicz, a lieutenant of Polish Army and Polish Air Force, Flying Officer of Royal Air Force, and fighter ace from World War II. Paszkiewicz fought in the Battle of France. After France capitulation he went to England where on 2nd August 1940 he was assigned to No. 303 fighter division. He died during Battle of England on 27th September 1940. After his death Paszkiewicz was promoted to captain and ordered with silver War Order of Virtuti Militari. He is 29th on Bajan’s list with 6 aerial victories.
On 21st October 1942 during a flight over Pacific Ocean American bomber B-17D had to splashdown because of the lack of fuel. On the board of the aircraft was Eddie Rickenbacker. He was one of the Best American aviators from World War I. During World War II he was an officer evaluating the quality of the equipment and staff that flew to Great Britain. On the board of the bomber were six other people. All of them survived and were found after 22 days by American aircrafts.