Today in aviation history – 19th October

On 19th October 1944 in Philippines was created fist kamikaze unit. Their first attack was conducted on 21st October. The aim was Royal Australian Navy ship – HMAS Australia.
On 19th October 2011 died Tadeusz Sawicz, Polish brigade general, military pilot and participant of the World War II. He was the last living participant of the Battle of England and the last living member of the Pursuit Brigade that defended the capitol during the September Campaign. He was born on 13th February 1914 in Warsaw. In 1939 he was deputy commander of No. 114 fighter squadron. He was flying in Warsaw that was besieged by Germans. On 17th September he crossed the border with Romania after delivering correspondence to commander in chief. He got to France and after capitulation he escaped to Morocco in Bloch MB.152. Then he went to Great Britain. Since October 1940 he fought in divisions No. 303, 315 and 316. He gained 3 victories and caused 3 and a half damages which puts him on 82nd place on Bajan’s list. In the late 50’s he moved to Montreal and worked in airlines. In the 70’s he came back to Poland.