Chopin Airport is ready for another winter

Chopin Airport maintenance services have completed preparations for winter season. Thanks to its state-of-the-art snow removal equipment, which is the finest in Poland, the Warsaw airport can maintain smooth operation even in heavy snow.

The Airport Maintenance Service is well prepared for the 2014/15 Winter Season, with 10 cutting-edge MB2041/Øveraasen snow clearing units (each of which consists of a snowplow with a working width of 6.8 m, a sweeper with a broom system and a powerful blower). Aprons and taxiways will be cleared with 6 older snow removal units and 5 dedicated compact sweepers, as well as a large Damman spreader with an arm width of up to 45 m. This allows for removing snow from the runways in a single 25-30 minute pass. The Airport Maintenance Service also has another 41 machines and devices at its disposal.

“The staff who operate this equipment are experienced and comprehensively trained. We are well prepared for the upcoming winter and you can rest assured that we will do our best to make sure passengers and cargo get to and from Warsaw on time and without any problems,” said Radosław Paruzel, deputy director of Chopin Airport.

In order to forecast weather conditions, the airport uses Ice Alert, one of the most advanced systems of its kind in Europe. The system consists of six measurement points located on both runways, each equipped with completely unique, patented BOSO and ARCTIS runway surface sensors and data processors, making the conditions in which ice is likely to form much easier to predict. This is possible thanks to an automatic computer analysis of a number of parameters, including the air and surface temperature, surface dampness, relative air humidity, precipitation type and amount etc.

“As it is possible to predict that black ice will form, we can prevent this from happening in advance by using de-icing chemicals,” added Radosław Paruzel.


Source / Author: Chopin Airport

Photo: Chopin Airport