LIAT marking 58 years of service to the Caribbean

LIAT – The Caribbean Airline is today celebrating 58 years of service to the Caribbean.

In a message to mark the occasion, Chief Executive Officer David Evans said the airline continues work through many challenges and he thanked customers for their continued support.

“Getting to this point has not been easy. We continue to operate in an environment which presents us with many challenges, as we all witnessed this week with the passage of Tropical Storm Gonzalo. The storm disrupted our operations and inconvenienced many of our customers,” Evans said.

“Before going any further, I would like to thank all our employees, customers and stakeholders for their patience and support as we work together in the recovery efforts.”

The LIAT CEO underscored the importance of the airline’s focus on safety: „In spite of the continued challenges we can once again look back at our proud achievements. Our safety record and continued commitment to this region are just two of the many things we can be proud of.”

Evans noted that this 58th year is very significant as it will see LIAT completing the transition from its Dash-8 fleet to a new ATR fleet.

LIAT was founded in Montserrat in October 1956 by Saint Kitts-born Mr. Frank Delisle. The airline has grown over the years and is now the main mode of transportation for people travelling between the islands, serving 18 destinations. LIAT operates more than 600 flights per week from Santo Domingo in the north to Guyana in the south – providing the most extensive inter-island network of any carrier in the region. Last year LIAT transported over 800,000 passengers.

Source / Author: LIAT