Today in aviation history – 5th October

On 5th October 1914 above Jonchery near Reims French aviators lieutenant Joseph Frantz and corporal Louis Quenault from French VB.24 squadron for the first time in the history downed a hostile aircraft during an air fight. The French pilots flew in a bomber Voisin III and downed German observing aircraft Aviatik B.II.
On 5th October 1934 Wanda Modlibowska set two new gliding records in Poland – durability and height. Modlibowska’s glider reached height of 770 meters and she managed to stay in the air for 6 hours and 15 minutes. Wanda Modlibowska also had a pilot’s licence. In 1939 she was a pilot in staff squadron, she evacuated to France, but came back to Poland in 1940. As a soldier of the Home Army she fought in the Warsaw Uprising.