Today in aviation history – 1st October

On 1st October 1969 was made a test flight of a French British hypersonic passenger Concorde aircraft. In 1973-1978 there were produced 20 of those aircrafts. The first Concorde aircrafts were in service since 1974. The aircraft could carry up to 128 passengers, but their biggest advantage was the maximum speed – 2,04 Ma. The Concorde aircrafts were used by Air France and British Airways until 2003.
On 1st October 1998 2nd Wing of Tactic Aviation attained fighting ability. Its first commander was lieutenant Zenon Smutniak. The Wing’s aim was to destroy targets in the air, on earth and water, protect bases, convoys, industrial and administration centers, as well as an aerial reconnaissance. Its headquarters is located in Poznań.