IAF: Improvements in the „Black Hawk” Simulator

The „Black Hawk” helicopter simulators in the Transport Helicopter squadron and UAV Simulator squadron at the Palmahim airbase will be upgraded in the coming months
In January, a contract was signed with the American company CAE, which performs maintenance and manufactures simulators for private airplane manufactures as well as the air forces around the world.
As part of the deal, different capabilities in the helicopter simulators will be improved, while the main goal will be to adjust the outdated configuration of the cockpit so that it matches the cockpit in the new „Black Hawk 2025” helicopters.
The transport helicopter simulator plays a central role in conversion training, maintaining fitness and mission training for the aircrews in the Transport Helicopter Division.

In addition to the changes in the configuration, the display infrastructure will be replaced. Because the transport helicopter simulator is built with changing displays for CH-53 helicopters and „Black Hawk” helicopters, the improvement will affect the aircrews that use the CH-53 simulator.
„The projectors in the simulator are outdated and we have to replace them in order to suit the most advanced technology”, explains Major Loda Abarmakin, a project officer in the Equipment Department. „Also, we are replacing the display screens of the simulator so that it will provide the aircrews, who training on a simulated flight under different conditions, with high-quality training experience”.


Source: IAF
Author: Michal Khayut
Photo: IAF