Airbus Helicopters presents its latest innovation for medical emergency services operators

The new EC145 T2’s emergency medical services configuration debuts at the AIRMED World Congress

Marignane, France, 3 June 2014 – As the leading helicopter manufacturer in helicopter emergency medical services – with a 60 percent market share – Airbus Helicopters is introducing its evolved EC145 T2 rotorcraft in the helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) configuration.

The twin-engine EC145 T2 is showcased at the AIRMED World Congress in Rome, Italy with new HEMS and mountain rescue equipment, presented as a full-scale mock-up developed in cooperation with the Mecaer Aviation Group equipment supplier.

Also on display is a scale model of the EC135, which is a helicopter of choice for HEMS operators in both primary and secondary missions. Approximately 25 percent of all medical emergency operations around the globe are performed with this aircraft.

“With more than 40 years experience in Emergency Medical Services we offer the widest range of helicopters for HEMS operations,” explained Ralph Setz, Airbus Helicopters’ Senior Marketing Director for HEMS and Public Services. “More than 300 customers worldwide – who deploy some 1,200 Airbus Helicopters rotorcraft in this sector – trust in our products and services for their daily operations. We are constantly committed to further developing innovations to support them in this life-critical mission segment.”

To increase the EC145 T2’s adaptability in HEMS missions, Airbus Helicopters will introduce new cabin installation features that include the latest equipment definitions. An innovative outfitting option, called EMS Fixed Provisions, has been developed by Airbus Helicopters for this 4-metric-ton category rotorcraft in coordination with leading emergency medical services equipment suppliers and integrators. This provides standardized interfaces for customized hardware and systems – reducing outfitting time and providing a more rapid service entry.

After its introduction on the EC145 T2, the EMS Fixed Provisions concept may be adapted to other Airbus Helicopters rotorcraft.

The EC145 T2 is Airbus Helicopters’ newest member in its twin-engine, 4-metric-ton category EC145 product line, which has become one of the world’s most successful HEMS aircraft families. Following the EC145 T2’s certification in April 2014, deliveries will begin later this year – with four major European helicopter emergency services operators to receive the initial aircraft. Enhancements in the EC145 T2 include new Turbomeca Arriel 2E engines and the company’s signature Fenestron® shrouded tail rotor, along with upgraded main and new tail rotor gear boxes. The advanced cockpit uses Airbus Helicopters’ innovative Helionix® digital avionics suite with 4-axis autopilot.

An innovative concept developed by Airbus Helicopters for its 2.9-metric-ton category EC135 is the Multi-Functional Floor, which is tailored for HEMS customers and also applicable to other para-public operators. It eliminates the need for separate standard floors and those optimized for HEMS missions, thereby saving weight while offering a performance-focused multi-functional floor for the HEMS market.

The new floor is designed for harsh environments and demanding missions, with operators benefitting from its excellent weight/performance, robustness and impermeability. To be certified this year, the Multi-Functional Floor can be utilized on all EC135 variants, and also will be offered as a retrofit option.

The twin-engine EC135 combines a wide, unobstructed cabin with excellent performance, range and payload capacity – along with a low-noise output. Its oversized sliding side doors and rear clamshell doors enable fast loading/unloading of patients – with additional safety during ground operations ensured by Airbus Helicopters’ signature shrouded Fenestron® tail rotor. The EC135 T3/P3 is the latest upgraded version of the EC135, and is due to be delivered this year. Among the launching customers is a mountain rescue operator. The new model’s improved features include increased flight performance in hot and high environments and in single-engine situations (or OEI, One Engine Inoperative).

Both the EC145 T2 and EC135 are compliant with the stringent European medical Norm EN13718 for operational and technical requirements used in air ambulances, as well as for the interfaces and compatibility of medical devices utilized in HEMS operations.


Source / Author: Airbus Helicopters
Photo: Airbus Helicopters Charles Abarr