Maximus Air is interested in cooperation with the ANTONOV Company

Mohamed Al Qassimi, Director General of the Maximus Air (UAE), addressed Dmytro Kiva, President – General Designer of the ANTONOV Company, a letter. He highly estimated work of the ANTONOV’s Company collective for efficient and qualitative maintenance of this airline’s AN−124−100. In particular, the letter contains the following: “Thanks to the splendid level of cooperation between our companies, all obstacles and difficulties were overcome and our aircraft departed from your facility on the date we had set in the contractual requirements.

Such achievements would be remarkable in any event, but when the background of the problems of Ukraine has been experiencing over this period in also considered, this way a truly outstanding performance. We also consider that this clearly demonstrates that ANTONOV provides an extraordinarily level of customer support and we are very pleased to be enjoying such standards of cooperation, especially in such trying times”.

Vamid Al Kabi, Director of the Maximus Airlines, was also satisfied with cooperation with the ANTONOV Company. When expressing his appraisal to existing cooperation, he said: “The ANTONOV Company has very good working collective, consisted of bright designers – real masters of their business. Reliable business relations laid between our companies are important for both Ukraine and Arab Emirates”.


Source / Author: Antonov
Photo: ANtonov