Airbus Helicopters and Kazakhstan: A mission-oriented partnership that meets the country’s operational heli-lift needs

Bringing mission-ready rotorcraft to Kazakhstan and building a long-term relationship with the country are to be highlighted in Airbus Helicopters’ participation at this month’s KADEX 2014 defense exposition.
Included in the KADEX 2014 aircraft displays at Astana International Airport will be two Airbus Helicopters EC145s supplied to Kazakhstan – one operated by the Ministry of Defense, and another with the Ministry of Emergency Situations – which are part of 45 such twin-engine rotorcraft being acquired by the government.
This major fleet build-up is supported by Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering, a joint venture of Airbus Helicopters and the Kazakhstan Engineering state company, which assembles EC145s and is developing local maintenance and training capabilities to support their operations in the country, as well as across the region’s new Eurasian Economic Community customs union and throughout central Asia.
“The Republic of Kazakhstan is at the heart of our long-term regional industrial strategy and our projects would enable the country to benefit from state-of-the-art helicopters that meet its vertical airlift needs for all ministries, while also developing sustainable activities in aircraft assembly, maintenance and training,” said Olivier Michalon, Airbus Helicopters’ Vice President Europe &
Central Asia.
To date, Airbus Helicopters has delivered 20 EC145s to Kazakhstan, which are utilized by the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Environment. Six more are to be supplied to government agencies in 2014, with the remaining EC145s being delivered through 2016. At KADEX 2012, a Letter of Intent was also signed between Airbus Helicopters and Kazakhstan for 20 EC725 which marked the expansion of the joint strategic partnership to specialized military aircraft. The EC145 is a helicopter of choice in its medium-size twin-engine category. EC145s are used in a wide range of missions, including police and public services, on-shore and off-shore airlift for the oil and gas industries, emergency medical services, business and VIP transportation. With more than 650 delivered to some 120 customers in 44 countries and 1 million flight hours accumulated, the EC145 offers flexibility and versatility in worldwide operations – particularly the conditions encountered in Kazakhstan.
Also spotlighted at KADEX 2014 will be Airbus Helicopters’ EC645 T2 and EC725 rotorcraft, which are to be presented as scale models at the event. The multi-role EC645 T2 is a new military version of the EC145, particularly adapted to light attack and scout missions; while the long-range EC725 is a versatile and combat-proven tactical helicopter, adapted for such applications as troop transport, combat search and rescue, close air support, fire-fighting and anti-surface warfare.

KADEX 2014 will be the first major event in Kazakhstan where Airbus Helicopters – previously known as Eurocopter – is appearing in its rebranded identity as part of the Airbus Group parent company. Airbus Helicopters will be on the Airbus Group exhibit (Stand #100/3), with the Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering having its own presence on the Air-Electronics stand (Hall 8).


Source / Author: Airbus Helicopters
Photo: Airbus Helicopters