Airbus highlights ACJ319 at EBACE

Airbus’ ACJ319 has the most capable cabin of any corporate jet at EBACE, allowing visitors to see for themselves how more people can fly in more comfort, with more freedom of movement.

The Airbus ACJ319 on display is operated by K5 Aviation and has seating for 19 passengers in a cabin with several lounges, including one that converts to a bedroom with ensuite bathroom.

“We’re in the business of giving wings to our customers’ lifestyles, which the more capable cabins of the Airbus ACJ320 Family are better at doing than any other business jet” declares Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers, John Leahy. “This frees customers to do more in the air, whether it’s taking care of business, spending time with family and friends, or representing their country,” he adds.

Airbus’ ACJ320 Family, comprising the ACJ318, ACJ319, ACJ320 and ACJ321, are unique in delivering the widest and tallest cabins of any business jet, while fitting into similar ramp space.

Airbus has long offered fully customisable cabins in its corporate jets, and is now also offering a new version, the ACJ319 Elegance, which offers a modular approach that delivers simplicity, speed and savings, while preserving the element of choice.

Derived from the world’s most modern aircraft family, Airbus corporate jets feature, as standard, many innovations that other business jets lack or only offer as options, such as the simplicity and better handling of fly-by-wire controls, extensive use of weight-saving carbonfibre, and time and cost-saving centralised maintenance.

This heritage of Airbus corporate jets means that they benefit from excellent reliability, because airliners are designed to perform many flights a day in rigorous conditions. Airbus corporate jet operators are also backed by a worldwide support network that serves more than 500 customers and operators, as well as services tailored to their needs.

Airbus has sold over 170 corporate jets to date, and these aircraft are flying on every continent, highlighting their versatility.

K5 Aviation Airbus ACJ319 main cabin_

Source / Author: Airbus

Photo: Airbus