Gripen E aiming for new heights

The press has dubbed the next generation of Gripen everything from „Super JAS” to the sixth-generation aircraft. And there is certainly some truth behind this notion: Larger fuselage, new and more powerful engine, greater internal fuel volume, higher weapons capacity, upgraded cockpit and modern avionics are only a few of the many new features. With the new Gripen, Saab further consolidates its position as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technologically first-class fighter aircraft.

– Saab and Gripen E are at the top of the league when it comes to the capabilities that the aircraft is designed for, and we have already shown in demonstrations that we can achieve the required performance. This is an aircraft for the future, says Ulf Nilsson, Head of Gripen Sweden.

– The development of Gripen E started around 2005, driven by the future requirements for a fighter aircraft. We can clearly see that the needs of the Swedish Armed Forces are very similar to that of other countries, says Ulf Nilsson.

The combination of advanced technology and operational effect at a reasonable price makes Gripen E an aircraft that few, if any, can compete with.


Source / Author: Saab

Photo: Saab