The ANTONOV Company suggested MoD transport aircraft to increase mobility of Ukrainian Armed Forces

The ANTONOV Company sent MoD of Ukraine a letter with suggestion to give in usage of Armed Forces (AF) of Ukraine three transport aircraft: AN−12, AN−26 and AN−32P to increase mobility of AF of Ukraine.

Recently a letter with corresponding suggestion has been sent to Bohdan Butsa, First Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine.

The enterprise decided to give Ukrainian military transport aircraft, being at the enterprise’s balance, because of that complicated situation Ukraine and Ukrainian Armed Forces appeared to be in. Mentioned aircraft were renewed and prepared for being operated by the ANTONOV Company.

“The ANTONOV Company is ready to do everything possible to support Ukrainian military for protection of borders and territorial integrity of the state. This is our duty and is not to be discussed“, − commented Dmytro Kiva, President – General Designer of the ANTONOV Company, initiative of the ANTONOV’s collective.


Source / Author: Antonov

Photo: Antonov