Panama inaugurates new Thales Air Traffic Control Centre

The Civil Aviation Authority of Panama (AAC), in the presence of several other regional Air Navigation Service Providers, announces the inauguration of their brand new Approach & En-Route Radar Air Traffic Control Centre, housing 12 Controller Working Position (CWP) and capable of managing the entirety of Panama’s airspace.

Key points

The brand new Thales TopSky-ATC in Panama houses 12 Control Working Positions.
The solution will integrate TopSky-ATC and TopSky-Simulator with TopSky-AMHS and TopSky-AIM.
With 26 ATC centres and 150 radars across 10 countries as well as full navaid coverage, Thales is the largest ATM provider in Latin America.

“In instigating a single programme for the upgrade of their entire air traffic network, the AAC have set themselves a very ambitious challenge. Therefore, being chosen to help in such a venture is a true reaffirmation of our dominant position in Latin American ATM, and of the trust partners like the AAC place in Thales.” Raphael Cervantes, Director of Sales for Latin America of Thales’s ATM business

This turnkey solution integrates Thales’s TopSky-ATC, the world’s most advanced air traffic control system, alongside its associated TopSky-Simulator with Thales’s TopSky-AMHS, the latest generation Aeronautical Message Handling System, and Thales’s TopSky-AIM (Aeronautical Information Management System), allowing for a more effective publication and editing of all electronic Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP). The entire system is housed in a brand new 3,300 square meter building, erected by Thales’s local partner.

The new system is fully compliant with the new ICAO Flight Plan 2012 format, which was a baseline requirement and one of the key reasons behind the ACC’s decision to launch this important project.

This turnkey solution will allow Panama to continue to offer the best in high-end aeronautical services to airlines or other users and was delivered to the Panamanian authorities in a record short time.

Source / Author: Thales