AirAsia to implement Airbus Managed Inventory service

AirAsia has signed an agreement to implement the Airbus Managed Inventory (AMI) service for its A320 and A330 fleets at bases in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. The AMI service, which underlines Airbus’ strategy in offering customized services based on latest industry standards, ensures the automatic and continuous replenishment of high-usage and non-repairable parts at the customer’s facilities.

Anaz Ahmad Tajuddin, Group Head of Engineering of AirAsia says: “AirAsia is confident that the Airbus Managed Inventory service will support AirAsia and our associated company AirAsia X in paving the way for low-cost aviation through innovative solutions and efficient processes. With AMI we will minimize our spares investment costs while maximising delivery of parts when needed.”

Didier Lux, Senior Vice President of Customer Service at Airbus says: “Airbus continuously provides the best possible support to our customers.” He adds: “With Airbus Managed Inventory we are delighted to bring to AirAsia the benefits of our end-to-end supply chain solution covering a large range of Airbus expendables and standard parts.”

With this selection, AirAsia becomes the fourth customer in the region to choose the AMI automated inventory management solution. This service supports Airbus customers to reduce their inventory holding costs. By capturing material consumption information in real-time and automatically triggering replenishment orders within the agreed inventory levels, the service guarantees high on-shelf part availability while decreasing the overall inventory stock level.

Airbus is the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer offering the most modern, innovative and efficient family of passenger airliners on the market, ranging in capacity from 100 to more than 500 seats.


Source / Author: Airbus

Photo: Airbus