AERO 2014: Final report

International show for General Aviation came to an end on Saturday: 606 exhibitors from 35 countries – 33,400 trade visitors from all over the world
“The AERO Friedrichshafen stands out because it has a very strong professional character”
Friedrichshafen – “In global aviation, AERO has a strong standing; pilots and aircraft experts from around the world come to Lake Constance.” At the end of the fair on Saturday, Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann and AERO project manager Roland Bosch gave a very positive assessment of how the exhibition went for all participants: “With 606 exhibitors from 35 countries, not only a highly professional and international range of general aviation was present in Friedrichshafen; a trade audience from around the globe had the industry conference on its flight plan: 33,400 visitors came to Lake Constance (compared to 32,600 in 2013).

The focus of the trade professionals and the media was on new aircraft from the segment of business jets, new ultralight and electric aircraft, and helicopters and drones for civilian use. Technical innovations for the on-board electronics and many lectures on current topics in aviation were also received with great interest by the trade visitors. According to many exhibitors, the AERO is the undisputed flagship fair for general aviation in Europe, and worldwide it is one of the leading trade fairs in aviation. Project manager Roland Bosch: “In talks with exhibitors, we confirmed in the final days of the fair that the upswing in the general aviation industry is continuing. Bookings for the next AERO are already running at full speed.”
“We have positioned ourselves as the meeting place for experts,” says project manager Roland Bosch, who is convinced that the AERO is moving in the right direction with a strategically clear orientation towards an in-depth and comprehensive product offering geared toward professionals. In Friedrichshafen, innovations and new products are shown and are in the media spotlight. Engineers and designers meet at top-level professional events.
Voices of the exhibitors
Jeff Johnson, Global Event Manager of Cirrus: “The show went very well for us. Many potential customers obtained information at our booth, and I have the sense that the visitors are becoming increasingly international. It’s nice to be here every year, because the AERO is the leading trade fair in Europe for good reason. The event is particularly distinguished by its professional character. The AERO is one of the best business platforms for global general aviation. The halls in Friedrichshafen are also ideal for an aviation show.”
Sylvia Heller, Marketing Promotions Coordinator of Jeppesen: “Here at the AERO, we meet our customers with whom we otherwise only have contact on the phone or via e-mail. The visitors showed great interest, and the sales are satisfactory. We are satisfied with how the AERO went, and we are coming back again in 2015.”
Peter Bowers, owner, founder, and CEO of WACO Aircraft Corporation: “The first two days in particular were excellent. Here we reached precisely the right target group that is interested in our products. The AERO is the most professional fair I’ve ever attended. In addition, it is well organized and the largest exhibition for general aviation in Europe for good reason. It also compares favorably with events in the U.S. The AERO stands out because it does not have the character of a show, but instead has a very strong professional character. I am very impressed.”

Thomas Nemeth, Customer Service of Rotax: “We are very pleased with how the fair went; our booth was well attended. People showed great interest in our products, especially our new engine. We use the fair for representation purposes and above all
for customer care, so it is important for us to be present in Friedrichshafen. The AERO is always an event that cannot be missed. We enjoy coming to Friedrichshafen every year.”
Cornelia Ineichen, Marketing & Events of Pilatus Aircraft Ltd: “We are very pleased with the AERO 2014, an intense exhibition with many visitors and interesting conversations. Appearing here is a must for our company, and we are happy to come to Friedrichshafen. The AERO is a very enjoyable fair.”

The 18 propellers of the newly developed electric helicopter “Volocopter” stirred up great interest at the fair. The helicopter was the focus of attention at the e-flight-expo in Foyer West and provided an interesting aeronautical highlight. Several exhibitors presented production-ready electric aircraft with batteries or hybrid drive. Solar power was a much-discussed topic at the aviation show. “The topic has a future,” says Willi Tacke, pioneer and organizer of the e-flight-expo.
AERO Conference
The high-caliber lectures of the AERO Conference were also well attended. That young talent will come on board and bring enthusiasm to the profession in the cockpit is what AERO has been banking on for years with corresponding offerings.
The next AERO 2015
The next AERO will take place from April 15 to 18, 2015, on the exhibition grounds in Friedrichshafen. For more information, visit:


Source / Author: AERO Friedrichshafen

Photo: AERO Friedrichshafen