PR Indra will implement a surface movement radar at Geneva Airport

Skyguide, an air navigation service provider, has selected Indra to implement a new surface movement radar (SMR) at Geneva Airport (Switzerland).

This system will make it possible to control with maximum precision the aircraft and vehicle movements on runways and in the airfield to improve safety, efficiency and operations in low-visibility conditions.

The third-generation solid state radar offers high performance thanks to its continuous wave and Indra’s RANC extraction technology, which refines the information displayed to operators.

The continuous wave system contributes to reduce the system’s life cycle cost, energy consumption and offers a high resolution. As a result, Indra’s surface movement radar will re-enforce the management of an airport that in 2012 registered approximately 193,000 movements on its runways.

Skyguide selected Indra’s radar system after performing an exhaustive technical analysis of the different systems available on the market, comprising the demonstration of a system connected with an antenna and emitting. „Indra’s surface movement radar (SMR) has proven to be the best technical solution and the company’s flexibility in adapting to our needs was the driving force that led us to select it”, stated Pascal Lauper, the project manager at Skyguide.


Source / Author: Indra