RAF: Lossiemouth Hosts Air-Sea Power

RAF Lossiemouth js playing host to a multi-national force of aircraft supporting the maritime component of Exercise Joint Warrior.

Joint Warrior is a tri-service, multinational exercise that runs twice a year. While aircraft operate from a number of UK RAF stations, Lossiemouth has been hosting the UK Maritime Air Operations Centre and its aircraft.

Squadron Leader Lloyd Barrett from the UK Maritime Air Operations Centre (UK MAOC) said: “The UK MAOC provides the Air command chain for all allied Maritime Patrol Aircraft operating in UK airspace. The MAOC team is made up of former Nimrod aircrew who understand the complexities of maritime tasking and the specialist requirements of working with naval assets. They are fully supported by reservists of 602 (City of Glasgow) Squadron in this joint operational role, and together demonstrate the ‘Whole Force Concept’ in action.

“Lossiemouth was chosen as it is ideally positioned to support all of the Joint Warrior activity surrounding the north of Scotland and it is capable of handling 24/7 operations by large Maritime Patrol Aircraft.”

RAF Lossiemouth is hosting the largest part of the air element of the Exercise, accommodating DA20 Falcons from contractor Cobham, P-3 Orions from Norway and the United States, CP-140 Aurora from Canada, P8 Poseidons from New Zealand and the United States, a French Atlantique and Hawks from the Royal Navy.

Major Ray Townsend, from the Canadian Defence Force detached to RAF Lossiemouth, said: “Joint Warrior is always an extremely well organised exercise. The participation of so many of our Maritime Air partners and interaction with international naval and land forces makes this event one of the best MPA training events in the world. We are achieving a lot of our objectives and learning much from our allied colleagues.

When we are not flying, the crews have taken full advantage of visiting the local sites, beautiful villages, and the odd round of golf. The local population has been very welcoming and friendly – indicative of the support they have for their RAF and much appreciated by us visitors.”


Source / Author: RAF
Photograph: RAF / P-3 Orion and two Lossiemouth Tornados.
RAF/MOD Crown Copyright 2014