IAF: When Air Traffic Controllers Meet

During an emergency, the operators of the Control Unit play a crucial role in the mission chain: they work alongside the operators of Monitoring Unit at Air Force Headquarters and the pilots sitting in the cockpit to share information and instructions between themselves. This week, commanders from the Monitoring Unit came to tour the Aerial Control Unit to become better acquainted with their mission partners

During a mission, they serve in the IAF as link between the operation on the ground and the controllers at IAF Headquarters. One of the main links in the chain is the Aerial Control Units, whose operators work closely with pilots and aircrews and the Aerial Defense Units. They connect them with the Control Unit and provide assistance based on their insight and their knowledge of the situation.

Yesterday, commanders from the Monitoring Unit at IAF Headquarters visited the northern-based Aerial Control Unit at Mt. Miron, in order to strengthen the chain of the mission: together, they tested scenarios from the past and saw how control stations are managed during a simulation of the war fronts.
„The reason we came here was to clarify the chain of command and the controlling in the IAF”, said Colonel Shai, Commander of the Central Monitoring Unit. „We have to facilitate and strengthen the dialogue between the commanders and the pilots with the help of the Aerial Control Units”.
„During the meeting we had today, we fully understood the importance of every unit”, explained Lieutenant Colonel Assaf, commander of the northern Aerial Control Unit. „Our advantage is that we see the front and the space in their entirety, while the advantage of the controllers at IAF Headquarters is that they have a mission-oriented vision”.

The results of the meeting and the better acquaintance between the two sides will be reflected mainly in their operational work through the two-way radio systems and will directly affect the capabilities of the IAF.


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