SWISS relaunches

Swiss International Air Lines is totally relaunching its online presence. The radically-redesigned is one of the first airline websites in the world to be “fully responsive” (i.e. it adapts its display and content to the user’s device), while the site’s new “World of SWISS” offers a new online brand and product experience.

The ways people plan their travels and book their flights have changed dramatically over the last few years, with a growing trend towards online sales and reservation channels. To meet these changed customer needs, SWISS has now totally revised its online presence on its website. With its fully responsive design, the new automatically adapts its display, content and functions to the device being used by each site visitor.

Personalized online advice

The new website is substantially more user-friendly, and features numerous new functions. The travel-related content in the “Prepare” and “Fly” sections is now automatically personalized to provide information boxes (“widgets”) that are individually tailored to the customer’s desired routing. The “Explore” section, meanwhile, offers insightful crew tips and further details of local hotels, sights, shops and restaurants at and around 77 SWISS destinations. And all this extensive information is supplemented by additional content from partners Google Places, Foursquare and TripAdvisor, all to help the user select and research their travel destination.

As a further highlight SWISS is providing its customers with a totally new app that is downloadable to their iPad. The new app offers personalized air travel information that is tailored to their trips – so the user can, for example, view details of the relevant baggage and immigration provisions, the latest weather report for their destination or their current Miles & More mileage balance, all in their personal iPad logbook. The new facility can be used either online or offline, too. And the logbook further stores all flight details, giving the user a handy overview of all their past travel on SWISS and its codeshare partners.

Another highlight: “World of SWISS”

SWISS is also using its new platform to offer its customers an entirely new online brand and product experience. “World of SWISS” takes them on a virtual journey that presents the company as “The Airline of Switzerland” through a variety of different themes. The new feature also underscores SWISS’s close alignment and commitment to Swiss values and traditions.

The themes presented connect various images and video features to SWISS’s products and services. The visitor can, for instance, follow a typical working day for a SWISS crew member, or experience a takeoff and a landing from the cockpit perspective. SWISS also offers insights into its inflight cuisine, explaining the concepts behind it and how its products (such as the popular SWISS chocolate bars) are made. Here, too, SWISS’s “Swissness” comes to the fore: the information is linked to a map of Switzerland showing where its various suppliers are located.

At a further level, customers will find extensive information on the SWISS aircraft fleet. Selecting a particular aircraft type will present numerous technical details, the registrations of the various fleet members, backgrounds to their namings and more. As a further intriguing attraction, an interactive world map is showing where every SWISS aircraft is currently located. “World of SWISS” uses the latest generation of browsers for desktop and tablet devices. A mobile phone version will follow, too.

The concept, design and front-end programming for the new fully responsive website are the work of the Hinderling Volkart agency. The site’s back-end connections have been provided by SWISS’s own team, with additional support from the Unic company.

“World of SWISS” has also been devised and developed by Hinderling Volkart, while the Lauschsicht company was responsible for its video content production.

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Source / Author: SWISS