SAS adjusts and improves onboard offering

As a part of the continuous development of SAS’ service concept, SAS has developed the onboard food and beverage offering to improve the customer experience. The adjustments follow a broad customer survey and are introduced from beginning of March and onwards.
In June 2013 SAS launched the new service concept SAS Go & Plus which has been overall well-received by SAS customers. A customer survey, with more than 4500 respondents, shows that the customers appreciate SAS Go & Plus for its simplicity and 85% of the customers are positive or neutral to the concept. Furthermore, they suggest to streamline and improve the offering additionally.

There are three main initiatives in the development of SAS Go & Plus: Improvements of the food and beverage offering; adjustments of onboard concept and clarification of the difference between SAS Go & SAS Plus.

– We introduced SAS Go & Plus to make travel easier for our customers. By clarifying and improving our on board offering we want to ensure a pleasant and joyful overall experience for customers when they choose SAS says Snorre Andresen, Vice President Product Management and Development at SAS.

The first changes to the onboard concept come into effect 1 March and again on 20 March. The improvements of meals are ongoing.


Source / Author: SAS