BAE Systems completes classic Hornet deeper maintenance contract

Together with its engineering partner L-3 MAS Canada, the company has completed the Hornet Maintenance and Modifications Support Contract.

The contract delivered deeper maintenance and significant structural refurbishments, ensuring the Classic Hornets remain an important element of the Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF’s) air combat capability until the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) comes into service.

BAE Systems Australia Director Aerospace Steve Drury said the company was proud of the enhanced capability it had produced while delivering the Commonwealth real savings.

“This has been a major program of work for our company that started in June 2003. In that time, our skilled workforce maintained 65 of the RAAF’s 71 Classic Hornets and completed over one million hours of maintenance,” Mr Drury said.

“We also contributed significant savings to the Defence Strategic Reform Program. Working closely with the RAAF and L-3, we delivered a seven per cent cost reduction on Hornet deeper maintenance in recent years and improved aircraft availability.”

Mr Drury said this was another example of BAE Systems’ commitment to working collaboratively with the Commonwealth to provide more efficient services at a reduced cost.

“By establishing a culture of continuous improvement within our business, we achieved faster throughput, safer production and reduced waste – without compromising on quality.”

Mr Drury said delivery of this highly successful contract ensured BAE Systems was well positioned to pursue long term sustainment work on the Joint Strike Fighter at Williamtown, when the aircraft comes into service in 2018.

“Our significant presence at Williamtown is built on our fast jet sustainment expertise. With our established capabilities, we are ready to provide in-country support of the RAAF’s next-generation JSF,” he said.


Source / Author: BAE Systems

Photo: BAE Systems