HeliVert gets AR IAC approval for production of commercial AW139

HeliVert, a joint venture between Russian Helicopters and AgustaWestland, has received a Certificate of Approval from the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee (AR IAC) for production of the AW139 commercial helicopter. The certificate is valid for two years.

„The Certificate of Approval confirms the company’s right to assemble commercial AW139s in strict compliance with the AR IAC’s Aviation Regulations”, HeliVert CEO Alexander Kuznetsov said at the award ceremony. „We are continuing to progress the HeliVert project in line with the joint plan adopted by our Italian and Russian shareholders.”

„We are pleased with the successful implementation of this joint project,” said Russian Helicopters CEO Alexander Mikheev. „The strategy of cooperation between Russian Helicopters and AgustaWestland has enabled us to create one of the most modern and high-tech production facilities in Russia.”

Daniele Romiti, CEO, AgustaWestland said „This latest certification achievement and the progress of assembly operations at the state-of-the-art Tomilino plant for the best-selling AW139, once more highlights the quality of our partnership with Russian Helicopters through the HeliVert joint venture. We look forward to expanding the already significant success achieved by this model in Russia.”

Following an audit by the AR IAC in May 2012 HeliVert was awarded a one-year Certificate of Approval for production of five AW139s, and production of the first helicopters at the enterprise began in June 2012. A repeat audit for certification of production took place on schedule in November 2013, and as a result a Certificate of Approval for production of commercial AW139s was issued for two years.

The commercial AW139 can be configured as a VIP helicopter, a passenger helicopter carrying 12-15 passengers, or in other versions including for transport, medical or emergency rescue work. The helicopter has a cruising speed of 306 km/h and range of 926 km, with a maximum flight time of five hours. The AW139 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C-67C turboshaft engines generating 1,679 hp. The first AW139 assembled in Russia made its maiden flight in December 2012. HeliVert products will be offered to customers in Russia and the CIS. Some of these aircraft could be configured for law enforcement and homeland security roles and completed with Russian-made mission equipment for government and parapublic agencies.

HeliVert is a joint venture between Russian Helicopters and AgustaWestland. HeliVert is building and managing an assembly plant to produce the AW139, a medium twin-engined civilian helicopter, in Russia, with the primary goal of meeting market demand in Russia and the CIS.


Source / Author: Rusian Helicopters

Photo: Russian Helicopters