Russian Helicopters boosts transport infrastructure in Russia’s Far East

Russian Helicopters, a subsidiary of Oboronprom, part of State Corporation Rostec, will deliver two medium multirole Mi-8MTV-1 helicopters to the regional government of Sakhalin Oblast in the first quarter of 2015. The Mi-8MTV-1 will expand flight coverage of the region, and significantly increases the range of air ambulances in Sakhalin.

The helicopters will operate regional cargo transportation missions, especially in remote areas such as the Kuril Islands and northern Sakhalin. They will also be used for medevac and search and rescue missions, and to protect forests and fisheries. In emergencies, the helicopters can be used both for medevac missions and to deliver medical staff, supplies, aid and food to people in affected areas.

“The Russian government has made the development of the Russia’s Far East a clear priority. Our parent company Rostec is working on numerous long-term investment projects in the Far East, and we are ready and willing to make our contribution to building a modern transport infrastructure in the region,” said Russian Helicopters CEO Alexander Mikheev. “Aviation plays a significant role in supporting the day-to-day lives of people on Sakhalin island, with its special climate and topography. In these conditions, helicopters are the only viable form of air transport capable of providing timely passenger and cargo transport service in remote regions.”

The Mi-8MTV-1s will be built by Kazan Helicopters, a Russian Helicopters company, and will be fitted with satellite-navigation and ground proximity warning systems, with additional options including emergency ditching systems for flights over water. The helicopters come with spotlights for search and rescue operations. On-board equipment on one of the Mi-MTV-1 helicopters will also include an emergency radio compass, on-board winch system, tip-up seats, and units for fitting a medical module.

The upgraded Mi-8MTV-1 boasts an ever-expanding range of uses and can fly increasingly complex missions. The helicopter is reliable and easy to pilot, and has saved many lives and assisted in numerous disaster relief operations. Mi-8/17 series helicopters including the Mi-8MTV-1 enjoy a global reputation and are continually in demand from operators worldwide for their high quality, safety and reliability. More than 12,000 Mi-8/17 type helicopters have been produced and supplied to over 100 countries worldwide, and are widely used within Russia, as well as in the CIS, Middle East, South and South-East Asia, Africa, Europe, and South and Central America.


Source / Author: Russian Helicopters

Photo: Russian Helicopters