Today in aviation history – 12th January

On 12th January 1893 in Rosenheim Hermann Wilhelm Göring was born. He was a German politician and one of the most important men in Nazi Germany. During World War I he was an ace fighter pilot, and in 1935-1945 a commanding officer of German Air Forces – Luftwaffe. Before the outbreak of World War II Göring significantly contributed to the reconstruction of German military power. After succeeding in German aviation in 1939-1940, Adolf Hitler promoted him to Reichsmarschall. This title was especially created for the German commander. In May 1945 Göring was captivated by the Allies. He was condemned to death by the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg for crimes against humanity, peace and war crimes. On 15th October 1946 before the execution Göring committed a suicie.