New Operators in the Electronic Warfare Division

Last week, Course 164 of the Electronic Warfare Division ended with a ceremony that was held at the Tel Nof airbase. The Division includes land and aerial unit that are responsible for jamming enemy signals for the protection of the forces aircrafts and for creating safe flight space. „You have joined a quality and operational division, which constitutes additional strength in the modern battle field”, said the commander of the unit, Lieutenant Colonel Ran. „The Division has a direct impact on the consequences of war and the decision-making ability of the IDF in any conflict and in any arena”.

The excited soldiers, who stood last week on the graduation stage, will join one of the most secretive and classified divisions of the IAF, which plays an essential role in achieving air superiority and can play a decisive role in warfare. The purpose of the division is to provide protection to aircrafts that fly in airspace threatened by enemy planes or surface-to-air missiles by jamming the radar systems of the enemy and protecting against counter-electronic warfare .

A Glimpse of One of the Most Classified Courses in the Force
During the course, which lasts around three months, the soldiers undergo operational training on designated systems alongside field training and tours of the different units in the force. „During the course, they learn all the professional jobs in the Division”, explained Major Daniel, commander of the school. „The soldiers come here after prior screening and bootcamp. Afterwards, they come to the school and learn the professional jobs in the field of electronic warfare”.

The graduates will now be divided by different tracks and will begin advanced training, which will last a number of months, depending on the track. „The course you have just passed is geared towards the operational demands and service characteristics of the different units. You have proven yourselves worthy of getting your foot through the door of the Electronic Warfare Division”, said Lieutenant Colonel Ran. You are heading out on a wonderful, challenging, and strengthening journey. I have no doubt that the end will justify the effort.”

The commanders of the course are all operators from different divisions, who, together with their commanding role, continue to work in operational units. „Even in my operational role, I am a commander”, says Sergeant A’, one of the commanders. „So I find myself bringing things that I learned from the course to the battle field and vice versa”.


Source: IAF

Author: Michal Khayut and Nadav Berger

Photo: IAF