Auckand Airport Monthly Traffic Update November 2013

3.4% International passenger volumes (excluding transit passengers) at Auckland Airport were up 3.4% versus November 2012. The majority of the growth came from North American (+10,000 passengers) and Asian routes (+8,000 passengers). North American growth was driven by Hawaiian Airlines and additional Air New Zealand capacity. Asian growth was driven by year-on-year increases of more than 10% on Korean, Chinese, Malaysian and Thai routes.



International passenger volumes at Queenstown Airport were up 47.3% versus November 2012 and up 32.9% for the financial year-to-date. The passenger growth was driven by increased trans-Tasman traffic with additional services to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne on Jetstar and to Sydney and Melbourne on Air New Zealand.
14.6% Visitor arrivals from North America were up 16% versus November 2012. The growth was due to visitor arrivals from both the United States (+14.6%) and Canada (+21.2%) caused by an increase in the numbers of Americans arriving and departing to connect with cruises, as well as the extra capacity from Hawaiian Airlines and Air New Zealand.




Visitor arrivals from traditional North Asian markets performed well in November 2013. Visitor arrivals from Taiwan were up 40%, Korea up 13.4% and Japan up 8.2%. New and established South East Asian markets also performed well with visitor arrivals from Thailand (+75.5%), Malaysia (+19.9%) and Indonesia (+14.5%) all up significantly versus November 2012. While Chinese visitor arrivals continued to be impacted by new Chinese travel laws (-17.3%), direct services to New Zealand from China continued to perform strongly.