AERO 2014: A Strong Showing for General Aviation in Friedrichshafen

Friedrichshafen – The countdown is on: with some 600 exhibitors and even more enhancements, AERO 2014 will strengthen its position as Europe’s largest trade fair for general aviation. From ultralights to multi-engine business jets, from helicopters to gyrocopters, the full spectrum will be featured in Friedrichshafen. Highlights include the “e flight expo” with electrically propelled aircraft, the “Engine Area” dedicated exhibition, and the “Avionics Avenue” specialty zone. Drones for civilian use will also attract plenty of interest. Here, the trade fair team will turn the spotlight on the “UAS/RPAS Expo” (Unmanned Aerial Systems), a joint exhibition at AERO that focuses on these new devices.
Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann and AERO project leader Roland Bosch are very pleased AERO 2014 has already seen brisk bookings for exhibition space. General aviation includes all civilian, non-military aircraft, except for commercial airliners. According to EU figures, over 200,000 powered aircraft, ultralights and gliders are registered within the territory of the European Union alone. Once again, this international trade fair on Lake Constance will cover the wide spectrum of this sector almost completely. “AERO is Europe’s leading trade fair in this sector,” says Roland Bosch, who is certain that every top manufacturer will be represented once more in Friedrichshafen.
Four special spotlight zones will be featured at AERO 2014. The “e flight expo” is the longest running one, now taking place for the sixth time, showcasing alternative propulsion systems under the motto “Electrical, Ecological, Evolutionary”. The “e flight expo” may get an extra thrust from the scheduled first appearance of the revolutionary Volocoptor, made by the e-Volo company of Karlsruhe. While a model of this electrically driven 18-rotor helicopter was exhibited at AERO in 2013, the Volocopter prototype will be featured in 2014, if permitted by flight trials this spring. This futuristic rotorcraft had its first flight in November 2013, attracting great attention.
The new exhibition area “UAS Expo” (Unmanned Aerial Systems) at AERO 2014 will show just how far civilian drone development has already advanced. It will include manned and unmanned aircraft from various manufacturers, equipped with the latest sensors and measuring devices. For the first time, AERO will also feature an indoor flying display.
The “Engine Area” will be making its third appearance at AERO 2014: this dedicated zone will have modern aircraft engines from a wide range of manufacturers, including electric, internal combustion and hybrid models. With the rising cost of aviation fuel and the development of new fuel-efficient diesel engines, this area is also looking forward to many debuts. Innovative propeller aircraft engines that also accept lead-free aviation fuel will likewise be featured at the trade fair. Furthermore, we are looking forward to a planned presentation on a lead-free alternative to conventional “avgas” aviation fuel for the near future.
“Avionics Avenue” will feature all kinds of on-board equipment for airplanes and helicopters, covering flight control, navigation, flight planning and collision avoidance. Manufacturers are also paying great attention to the fact that airplane and helicopter radio equipment for visual flight rules will have to switch to 8.33 kHz channel spacing by the end of 2017. Many new systems will be available to our visitors, not only for viewing, but also for immediate testing: with our “Demo Stage for Mobile Cockpit Avionics” and “Headset Test Area”, pilots can experience for themselves the qualities of the equipment on offer.
AERO 2014 starts on April 9 and continues until April 12, 2014. The opening times are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Further information is available at


Source / Author: AERO 2014