Transaero Airlines Successfully Implements AMOS MRO Software

Transaero Airlines has successfully switched over to AMOS MRO software.

AMOS IT-solution, designed by Swiss AviationSoftware Ltd, provides full control over all the maintenance and repair operations of each aircraft in the airline’s fleet, monitors all the scope of work and the status of delivery of spare parts and units. This system also synchronizes MRO procedures with other key business processes of the airline, in particular with flight scheduling and financial accounting programs. Moreover, the AMOS system can be linked to the manufacturer’s document databases that enable technical specialists to receive updates on MRO requirements automatically.

Transaero Airlines expects that the implementation of AMOS software will increase the flight hours of its fleet as well as cut MRO related costs by 25%.

The switch over to AMOS followed nearly one year of preparatory work. Over this time technical data on the entire airline’s fleet were transferred to the new system, and the IT-solution offered by the supplier was adjusted to the carrier’s tasks and operational terms. All the personnel of Technical Department of the airline, which represents 1,900 employees, underwent a training course to learn how the new program functions.

Mikhail Korobovich, Deputy General Director, Head of Technical Department of Transaero Airlines, said: «Implementation of the latest IT-solutions in MRO is vital for such a fast growing airline as Transaero. The advantages of AMOS software by Swiss AviationSoftware Ltd is that it is permanently being enhanced: its interface and functions are constantly upgraded to take into account current legal requirements and the latest expertise of MRO companies, as well as the changing market environment. I am sure that the full implementation of AMOS software will make a significant contribution to optimizing Transaero’s MRO procedures as well as to raising the efficiency of airworthiness works».

Swiss AviationSoftware congratulated Transaero Airlines with successful go-live with AMOS. “Many challenges had to be faced in the course of the implementation project, such as the legacy data had to be mapped and harmonized from several data sources and systems. Due to the close and trustful cooperation of both project partners all project hurdles were successfully cleared. The team of Transaero was very skilled and competent and above all highly motivated and open-minded about the adaptation to new state-of-the-art processes implemented with AMOS.” said Zdeněk Jedlička, Business Consultant and project leader at Swiss AviationSoftware.

Source / Author: Transaero Airlines