Eurocopter delivers the second EC155 B1 to the Dalian Municipality

Dalian Municipality has taken delivery of its second EC155 B1 for missions ranging from surveillance, rescue and anti-terrorism, to fire-fighting, troop airlift and the transportation of personnel.

This new EC155 B1 is well-equipped for its multi-role duties – outfitted with an electro-optical FLIR (forward-looking infrared) camera, searchlight, loud speakers, rappelling ropes and hoist. It also has the capability to carry a water bucket delivery system in support of fire-fighting missions.

“With its fleet of 2 EC155 B1, the Dalian Police now has a highly capable airborne law enforcement capability that fully responds to the heli-borne security, protection and airlift requirements of this dynamic region in China,” said Norbert Ducrot, CEO of the Eurocopter China subsidiary. “In addition to operating a state-of-the-art helicopter, the Dalian Police can also benefit from Eurocopter’s full range of services established in China, including technical assistance, maintenance, logistics support and training.” Eurocopter and Dalian Police have cooperated during two years in order to build together this airborne capability. While a first EC155 B1 was flying in Dalian, the second one was used in France for the training of Dalian pilots.

“We are delighted to have added one of the most advanced helicopters to our fleet, greatly enhancing our ability to serve the Dalian region and its people. We also greatly appreciate Eurocopter’s professionalism throughout the process from acquisition, training to delivery of the aircraft.” said Police Aviation Force of Dalian Municipality Public & Security Bureau.The EC155 is a medium-weight, 5-metric-ton-class helicopter in Eurocopter’s Dauphin family. It is powered by two 935 shp. Turbomeca Arriel 2C2 engines for excellent performance, and features a modular design that facilitates the rotorcraft’s use in a range of diverse missions. In addition to a spacious cabin accommodating seating for up to 13 passengers and two pilots, the EC155 can carry up to 2 metric tons of heavy equipment in the cargo configuration. The modern glass cockpit incorporates digital avionics and a four-axis autopilot, considerably reducing the pilots’ workload and allowing them to concentrate on the more demanding aspects of each mission. Moreover, the helicopter’s low vibration levels provide ideal conditions for the specialized mission equipment employed by police forces.

The EC155 is a reference helicopter for public service missions around the world, and is also gaining traction in China, thanks to its safety standards, cabin flexibility and versatility. Other EC155-family rotorcraft operators in the country include police forces in Shanghai, and Hong-Kong , along with private and commercial operators flying a total of 25 EC155s, making it the biggest medium twin-engine helicopter fleet in China.Specifically in the Chinese turbine helicopter market for law enforcement and homeland security, Eurocopter has a strong foothold with a 45 percent share market share. Besides the EC155 family, other Eurocopter models used for public security in China include the light, single-engine EC120, light twin-engine EC135 as well as the 11-ton EC225.
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Source / Author: Eurocopter
Photo: Eurocopter