KLM: TNO Reports Reassuring Results for Cockpit Air Quality Tests

TNO took measurements during various flight phases: ascending, cruising, descending and overall. Measurements were also conducted when the aircraft was on the ground. TNO conducted its measurements in the breathing zone, but also gathered swipe samples from the glare shield.

The average TCP levels were 7 ng/m3. The most toxic type, ToCP, was entirely absent. The health risk level for this substance is 100,000 ng/m3. No health risk levels have been set for other TCPs. On average, the TCP levels measured by TNO were 14,000 times lower than the health risk level set for ToCP. In only one instance was an atypical value of 155 ng/m3 measured, but this is still 650 times lower than the stipulated ToCP norm.

The TNO study was prompted by a court ruling in a case between a pilot and KLM, dating from 18 September 2013. The current study confirms that TCPs are only present in minimal concentrations in aircraft cockpits.

Source / Author: KLM