Liege Airport is now even closer to China

The company Navitrans ( operates two weekly flights between Zhengzhou (Henan Province), Shanghai and Liege. This information was provided on December 2 nd , 2013, in Zhengzhou.
Operated by a TNT Airways’ B747- 440F, these flights symbolise a further step in the good relationships between China and Wallonia.
Navitrans is one of the major air charter and cargo forwarding companies in China. Steven Verhasselt, Business Development Manager of Liege Airport, was in Zhengzhou to announce the agreement: « Navitrans is already active in Europe since it has offices in Hahn Airport (Frankfurt). Liege Airport becomes their second hub in Europe with promising prospects for development particularly to Africa. It represents an additional freight volume estimated at 20,000 tons per year. Handling at Liege Airport will be provided by Swissport ».
After operations at Liege Airport for one month, Navitrans is completely satisfied and
decided to operate two weekly flights. The aircraft will transport particularly electronic equipment, essentially smartphones and tablets. These flights will be operated by B-747 charters from TNT Airways, which can transport over 100 tons of freight. Products will be then forwarded from Liege throughout Europe.

Source / Author: Liege Airport