Presentation of the AN−158 in Peru is one more step towards cooperation with Latin America

In Lima, Peru, presentation of the AN−158 modern regional jet as well as other new programs of cargo and passenger Antonov aircraft of civil and military purposes was held. Representatives of aircraft operators of Peru and officials of the country familiarized with wide spectrum of the AN−158’s abilities and its comfortable passenger compartment. They noted, that the new airplane can replace the AN−24 and other passenger airplanes being in operation, whose service lives are coming to the end. New Antonov airplane can efficiency add fleets of the aircraft operators in the region. Aviation specialists appreciated high performance and operational characteristics of the AN−158 capable of operating at high−level airdromes located at altitude of up to 4,060 m above sea level. In particular, this is proved by experience of Cubana de Aviacion, Cuba.

State structures of Peru were interested in cargo aircraft of the AN−148/AN−158 family including the AN−148T and AN−178. It has been noted, that developing economy of the country needs new Antonov aircraft.

Negotiations between delegations of ANTONOV, Infora Limited investment company, Ilyushin Finance Co. leasing company and Peruvian partners concerning establishment in Peru of maintenance center of Antonov airplanes and factory for such aircraft production became an important part of the presentation. Experts value the factory building at as much as 250−300 mln. USD. Peruvian party noted high expediency of such center establishment at the country’s territory taking into account first of all considerable job creation and possibility of investment attraction.

For information:Deliveries of Antonov aircraft to Latin America were started in 1966. At present, about 200 of the AN−2 light multipurpose biplanes, the AN−24 and AN−28 passenger airplanes, the AN−26 and AN−32 transports are operated in the region.


Source / Author: Antonov

Photo: Antonov (An-158 in factory)