Bristol Airport welcomes approval of South Bristol link

Commenting on the approval of the planning application for the South Bristol Link by Bristol City Council (27 November) and North Somerset Council (7 November), Robert Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer at Bristol Airport, said:

“A successful airport, like a successful city-region, needs to be accessible, with good public transport links. The South Bristol Link will enable us to deliver high quality, efficient and reliable surface access to Bristol Airport, enhancing existing services, making airport jobs easier to access and allowing the airport to deliver its full potential for the West of England.

“Alongside improvements to airport infrastructure such as the construction of a new £6.5m central walkway which will open next summer, approval of the South Bristol Link is a clear signal to passengers and airlines that Bristol Airport is committed to enhancing all stages of the customer journey.”

The Flyer Express bus service which operates every eight minutes at peak between Bristol Airport and Bristol city centre and carried over 700,000 passengers last year will be more efficient and reliable using the South Bristol Link. Passengers travelling by car from the north, east and west will also benefit from reduced congestion and delays en route to the Airport, removing traffic from unsuitable rural roads in the process.

Bristol Airport has committed to contribute up to £4.1m to the scheme, which is expected to be completed in winter 2016.


Source / Author: Bristol Airport