The US Coast Guard in Vietnam by Dr. Douglas Kroll at the Palm Springs Air Museum

The HN and Francis C. Berger Foundation and the Houston Family Foundation present THE US COAST GUARD IN VIETNAM by Dr. Douglas Kroll. Vietnam is usually remembered as a war fought in jungles and rice paddies. But there was another conflict as well, a sailor’s war, much of it fought from the decks of United States Coast Guard Cutters. The Coast Guard played a significant role in securing Vietnam’s 1,200-mile coastline. Coast Guardsmen destroyed enemy supply ships, supported ground units, rescued American and other friendly forces, and performed many humanitarian duties. Yet the Coast Guard’s involvement in the Vietnam War is still little known. Prof. Douglas Kroll, a Coast Guard veteran himself delivers the too often overlooked story of „The U.S. Coast Guard in Vietnam”. Albatross Flight Exhibition Scheduled.


Source / Author: Palm Springs Air Museum

Photo: Palm Springs Air Museum