Rockwell Collins at I/ITSEC 2013: New ProSim™ projector makes U.S. debut in main theater exhibit

ProSim™, the new Rockwell Collins ultra contrast projector, will make its U.S. debut at the Interservice/Industry Training Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) 2013. ProSim was designed and specifically built for professional civil and military flight simulations providing the industry’s darkest night and night vision system capabilities. ProSim debuted last month during a pre-I/ITSEC open house at the new Rockwell Collins Simulation and Training Center of Excellence in Burgess Hill, UK.

Journalists are invited to visit the Rockwell Collins exhibit (Booth 2401) to see ProSim in action, as well as a full suite of simulation and training solutions.

Rockwell Collins representatives conducting the demonstrations will be available to discuss the many products that can be used to build complete Live Virtual Constructive environments for the training community. The Rockwell Collins exhibit will also feature integrated, networked demonstrations of the latest simulation and training technology, including:

EP®-8000 Image Generator – Unveiled at I/ITSEC 2009, the EP-8000 established a new paradigm for complex, large area training applications combining industry leading realism and performance with a scalable, adaptable design to meet highly complex training requirements.

EP®-80 Image Generator – Our PC-based image generator, the EP-80 leverages the latest in COTS PC and graphic technologies to provide scalable, high performance functionally within a high resolution, round earth environment.

CORE™ Instructor Operator Station – The IOS utilizing Rockwell Collins’ Common Open Reusable Element (CORETM) simulation architecture allows an instructor to easily configure application pages and customize lessons quickly, forming a more challenging and accurate experience for the trainee. During the LVC events, the CORE IOS is integrated with an EP-8000 image generator demonstrating a high-performance fast jet application.

Sensor Operator Trainer for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) applications/Radar Modeling Booth Station – Demonstrations will feature four integrated Rockwell Collins Simulation & Training Solutions products and how they could be configured to support UAS training, in this case for the sensor operator. The demonstration consists of a Rockwell Collins CORE Instructor Operator Station with moving map, two different sensor views consisting of a Synthetic Aperture Radar simulation and electro-optical simulation, both correlated to the same visual scene rendered by a Rockwell Collins desktop image generation system. This booth station will also highlight standalone demonstration of the radar modeling solutions.

SimEye™ SX45 helmet mounted display – The SX45 is a rugged, high resolution helmet mounted display (HMD) that improves virtual combat training for the digital soldier. The SX45 is the ultimate display solution for part-task and integrated training environments.

Virtual Avionics Procedures Trainer (VAPT) – The VAPT provides both virtual Control Display Unit (CDU) and Multifunction Display (MFD) formats, and supports avionics procedural training and operations. Because it is software based, VAPT is scalable to multiple aircraft platforms and flexible to incorporate future software upgrades. VAPT-based training can help training centers optimize the utilization of more costly full flight simulators and reduce the operational costs of aircraft for training.

Source / Author: Rockwell Collins